Micro DDP on the road

MicroDDPs on the road: UEFA Euro 2016, European Athletics Championships, 2016 Summer Olympics and more.

Ardis Technologies’ new portable shared storage solution proves its worth at numerous major sport and festival events.
Arnhem, August 2, 2016: It’s festival and sport events season again which results in busy times for rental companies. Ardis Technologies is proud to announce that its microDDP shared storage solution turned out to be rental companies’ first choice at major events such as the 2016 European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam, the North Sea Jazz Festival inRotterdam, the UEFA Euro 2016 in France, the Open-Air pop festival Rock Werchter in Belgium and the upcoming Summer Olympics in Brazil.
The microDDP10GbE by Dutch manufacturer Ardis Technologies is a quiet, low weight (5kg/11lbs) portable shared storage with low power consumption. Despite its small dimensions (25cm/10’’, 1U, 19’’), the microDDP is a fully equipped Ethernet shared storage solution: It comes with RAID5 protected SSD capacities of 8 up to 60 TB with a throughput of 2200 Mbyte/s. It’s a perfect solution for mixed environments as it works with almost any kind of hardware and software applications: editing software, render machines, indexers, MAM systems, ingest and playout solutions. 
At Rock Werchter, a large Open-Air pop festival in Belgium, as well as at the European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam, each two microDDPs were used as shared storage between EVS ingest and Adobe Premiere. At the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam, a microDDP was in use as shared storage between Just-In, Movie recorder and Adobe Premiere. At the UEFA Euro 2016 in France, a microDDP was used for editing jobs in the International Broadcast Centre in Paris. At Zwarte Cross, a large Open-Air festival in the Netherlands with more than 200.000 visitors, microDDP was used with Premiere for editing by a Dutch broadcaster. For the Dutch TV program “Herrie in het hotel” running until end of July, a microDDP was used with Avid Media Composer. 
MicroDDPs will also be in use in upcoming events: At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, three microDDPs are going to be involved. Another three microDDPs just recently have been in use at Tomorrowland, a large event in Belgium, which achieved more than 14 million live YouTube views last year.
With the upcoming V5 software (release in Q4 2016) a single microDDP can be used standalone (e.g. in an OB van on location) and only a few minutes later being quickly integrated into a bigger DDP setup without the need to copy data or changes at the front end are required.
MicroDDP is part of the Dynamic Drive Pool series by Arnhem-based manufacturer Ardis Technologies.

Jan de Wit, CEO Ardis Technologies
with a microDDP

The microDDP (and miniDDP48)
at the IBC in Paris at the UEFA Euro 2016

The microDDP10GbE