DDP – Dynamic Drive Pool is manufactured by Ardis Technologies.

The manufacturer’s warranty for the Dynamic Drive Pool is 24 months for software upgrades, bug fixes, system repair and technical support via email under the condition that a proper internet connection for the DDP has been set up and that proper email addresses for alarm event notifications were entered upon installation. 

For a fee, the 24-month warranty period can be extended for additional periods.

Ardis Technologies has a reputation for placing a high value on customer demands. From the moment the development of the Dynamic Drive Pool series began, reliability has been one of our most important and prioritized considerations. 

The DDP consists of hardware and software. We need to achieve the highest reliability possible and still be able to deliver tailor-made products at an affordable price. To do this, we choose standard components, sold in millions, with the aim of boosting reliability, cost-effectiveness and ease of service.

DDP Hardware support

- Proven standard components
- Hot-swappable hard-disks and power supplies
- 2-year warranty
- Extendable warranty
- Built to order, tailored for customer requirements

DDP Software

- Monitoring of all RAID functionality with email alert when an AEN (Alarm/Event Notification) occurs
- S.M.A.R.T monitoring of important drive parameters (drive temperature, error statistics on read, error statistics on write etc.)
- Monitoring of vital functions such as system and processor temperature, power levels and processor ventilator performance
- 24-hour logging on the DDP of all traffic to allow easy back-tracking in the event of a software/system issues occurring
- Service Connection or VP14 for Remote DDP access.