"DDP GUI is very intuitive and easy to understand...

We have 2 x DDP48D running 31 seats of FCP, few seats with Autodesk Flare and 9 graphics stations...We actually exceeded the performance we expected...

The system works seamlessly for 2 years...

DDP is out of all systems the one I don’t have to worry about..."

Leland Johnson - Daystar Television

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A playout solution built around your needs

PlayBox Technology is the #1 International 'TV Channel in a Box' manufacturer with Interactive CG & Graphics, MAM, Traffic and News Room available SD, HD and DVB(ASI/IP). PlayBox Technology has innovative and scalable solutions to fit your workflow and offer you the solution you want at your price. From a Single Channel Playout Server to a Multi-Channel Turn-Key Broadcast Centre, please contact PlayBox Technology.


Leading-edge technology for broadcasters and new media channels

The unique mxfSPEEDRAIL technology can be seamlessly integrated with the most popular broadcast technology and formats; offering high traffic performance, great interoperability between platforms and efficient metadata sharing. With access to a full range of automated solutions for File-Based workflows ingest, SD-HD/SDI capture, digital delivery and real time playback, the mxfSPEEDRAIL customers will be able to achieve the highest performance in the most diverse file-based workflows.


The GENESIX VideoServer V7 is yet another successful example of state-of-the-art broadcasting, automation and control
technology made in Austria. STRYME’s new flagship product comes with a number of brand new features: a powerful TDIR Multichannel Commander with a unique Time Delay Instant Replay function, an Advanced Graphic Composer, up to 12 flexible
configurable input/output channels (SD/HD/4K ready), Avid Interplay integration as well as a 5-year guarantee. Of course, it supports all industry-standard codecs and formats as well.

Located in Vienna, STRYME has been providing and developing tailored professional broad­cast and automation solutions for small, medium-sized and specialized broadcasters for more than 11 years. The Austrian market leader is known for uncompromising quality and reliable out-of-the box solutions that simplify, speed up and optimize daily broadcast workflows.