DDP manufactures fast expandable SAN systems that can be accessed easily by multiple users on a network. However, to manage and organise your projects, the DDP team certifies Focal Point Server as the perfect PAM to complement your network storage.

Focal Point Server is a PAM (Project Asset Management) that meets the many challenges of production head on, enabling you to take control of teams of editors, designers and creatives, across numerous departments to multiple deadlines.

Focal Point Server is very easy to use. It automates file management and organises your workflow for you by thinking about your work in the same way do; in terms of projects. Best of all, it completely avoids over-complicated logging. See our case studies for customer stories about how Focal Point Server performs.



M3 – Medeis Media Management

M3 is our intuitive web interface which allows you to store, archive, share and search with ease. M3 allows you to access and manage millions of video files, images, audio files and editing projects at your fingertips.

M3 provides a RESTful API for the user to build their own applications or connect to other systems. M3 integrates readily with a wide range of other media systems, directly integrating with video servers (such as GV K2 servers, Harmonic(Omneon) servers and Imagine Communications Nexio Servers), non-linear editors (such as Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, GV Edius and Avid Media composer) and archive systems (such as SGL Flashnet, Oracle DIVArchive, Archiware, SpectraLogic Blackpearl, Quantum SNFS) among others.

Use M3 to connect with third party systems on both Windows PC and Apple Mac computer systems; files on M3 can easily be imported into an extensive range of user applications using a simple ‘drag and drop’ method.

M3 comes equipped with everything you need for installation and use, including PostgreSQL database, Full Text Search Engine, Web Server, VOD Server and WAS Server. All the server components can be altered and adapted so that your system is uniquely tailored to your specifications.

For a limited time, Medeis M3 software licenses are included with every DDP storage (contact us to discuss this limited offer).



Next generation media needs next generation media management. At Cantemo, we are leading the revolution for modern media asset management that keeps our customers in control of all media content, regardless of their business type or size.

Video is widely used by a hugely diverse number of companies. That is why Cantemo Portal has been built to be flexible and agile, meaning it can meet your needs, no matter your size, type or video usage requirements.

Cantemo Portal is basically a warehouse full of the ever-growing pool of video, audio, still images and other forms of digital media. It offers the user fast search and playback - no matter where your content lives in the multi-tiered storage environment - and it easily integrates with mainstream third-party tools like NLE’s, transcoders, distribution engines and archive solutions.


Radically Simple Media Management

If you want to view, tag, search and share your entire media collection with any web browser, Axle works with the DDP with no uploading necessary.

Axle is radically simple software for managing your video files through any web browser. Don’t confuse it with cloud software, however - the back end runs on a computer that you control, connected to the storage you already own, for ultimate security and control.

Axle is used every day by over three hundred media organizations, corporations, non-profits and universities around the world.