United did MTV awards

United carried out the complete registration of the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) in Milan. The company flew over 80 men to the event. "We went for cool, big and a lot," said Bolke Burnaby Lautier, operations manager of United.

It was the third time that United provides the MTV EMA of registration; the Hilversum company did so before already in Glasgow and Amsterdam, but no sooner there was so many different network equipment involved.

"Each piece of content had to be available for everyone," says Burnaby Lautier. "All the parts were connected to each other through a fiber network via special servers. So we created a complete network where everyone could get any content. "

To allow all of this United shipped the necessary production facilities to Milan.  It delivered 13 vehicles, including 5 reporting cars, 1 audio car and a DDP-truck, 14 edit sets, 100 field monitors, 38 cameras and kilometres of cable.

Also a complete intercom system was set up to allow hundreds of people to constantly be in touch with each other. The construction of the entire workflow took a week in total.

Burnaby Lautier: "You have to deal with multiple time zones and multiple locations, everywhere content is available, live or not live. It's a nice challenge to manage all of that well. "